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Quality statement
National Pattern, Inc. is dedicated to exceeding our customer's quality requirements through teamwork, craftmanship and continuous improvement.

National Pattern, Inc. considers the quality concept to extend into all areas of its business operation.

A positive image is to be obtained with the customer and community by maintaining an attractive, neat and efficient facility that exemplifies quality. We wish that both the customer and community will share a sense of pride in their association with National Pattern, Inc.

Quality in the personal relationships between customers and employees are to be valued above all other achievements. Without fair and honest dealings between these two critical qroups of inividuals, no progress will be made in any other area.

Product quality goals involve improved dimensional accuracy, better surface finishes, increased durability and an enhanced cosmetic appearance. They continue to be approached by better use of existing technology, implimentation of new technology and most importantly, the better utilization of a skilled, sophisticated and knowledgeable work force.

National Pattern, Inc. believes the only suitable performance standard is a performance standard of zero defects. We accept the challenge to obtain it.

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